PDFKreator is an easy to use KDE tool for creating PDF documents out of a bunch of image files.
It heavily uses ImageMagick's convert tool, tiff2ps and ps2pdf.

It was originally written for my university work to distribute scanned images within a PDF document at university.

PDFKreator (version 0.2) with plastik theme

Latest release: Version 0.2 (23.09.2004)

Want to contribute some work ?
Questions or some feedback ?
Just email me (Marco Kraus) pdfkreator _AT_ libsdl __DOT__ de


source archives

Suse,Debian and Slackware packages


Marco Kraus (coding, maintaining, web and everything else)


ImageMagick, the guys from tiff2ps and ps2pdf. Great work. Thanks.


KDE/QT, MPlayer/MEncoder