Matchball is a little puzzle game (written in C++, using the Simple DirectMedia Layer) by Marco Kraus.

You have to click to remove all adjacent balls with the same color and reach as many points as possible. Sounds easy, but beware, this game is extremely addictive.

Matchball has full rendered backgrounds and translucent balls, supports different ballschemes, different levels, music and fx, a setup menu and a complete highscore system for each level.

Matchball is available for Linux and Windows (also with an installer). The sources should also compile on MacOS, BeOS and every other platform supported by libsdl (even the PlayStation 2).

Screenshot (v.0.31 with shiny theme)
See more screenshots here!

Latest release: Version 0.33b (09.08.2003)

Want to contribute some work ?

We need:

  • packages (deb/rpm) builder
  • designers (esp. for the splashscreens)
  • supporter for other plattforms (esp. Solaris,MacOS,BeOS,...)

  • Download:

    the sources

    precompiled linux binaries

    precompiled windows binaries with installer

    precompiled windows binaries (zip-file)

    precompiled linux packages


    Marco Kraus (coding, maintaining, web and everything else)
    Felix Luebbe (win32, sound, web)
    Fred Benkler (backgrounds)


    view development history


    Linux: libsdl, libpng, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf

    Windows: libsdl, libpng, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf (everything included in the Windows packages)
    Further, msvcirtd.dll, MSVCP60D.dll, msvcrtd.dll are needed for debug versions (< 0.33b). If needed, these files are also included in the windows packages.